Organizing & Digitizing Slides -- a practice in filing.

DVD Media List -- reviews of various dvd media's quality

HOPL: An interactive historical roster of computer languages

GLE - Graphics Layout Engine / Professional Graphics Language

cdbackup 0.7.0

/etc/net Linux network configuration system -- Unifying network conf on various linux distro

Generic Diff Format Specification

Indian? Wait for Green Card just got longer

Steve Friedl's Tech Tips An Illustrated Guide to IPsec

Connecting Apache's Web Server to Multiple Instances of Tomcat

RAID and Data Protection Solutions for Linux


pgsql-sql: Subject: Re: **SPAM** Faster count(*)?

best practices with index on varchar column


A distasteful thing to do, but is sometimes necessary given limitations on current RDBMS.

Modeling Matters: How RDBMSs Could Make Denormalization Unnecessary

Denormalization Guidelines by Craig S. Mullins


Roots of the REST/SOAP Debate

A REST Intervention -- Two competing teams, one using RESTful design, another not.

RFC 3986 -- URI Generic Syntax -- obsoletes RFC 2396.

Chat Cord

Build your own Chat-Cord -- Pending, difficult to find the correct transformer.

Simple telecom hybrid circuits -- the basic circuit design for Chat-Cord


Pragmatic Parsing in Common Lisp

Fundamentals of CLOS

Sex and booze figured in Egyptian rites Archaeologists find evidence for ancient version 'Girls Gone Wild'.

ScienceBlogs: Combined Feed Fun diagrams on indexed cards A blog about deals in CD rates

"Hindsight" Commencement Speech by Guy Kawasaki -- 1995

Determining Low/High Density Memory Chip

Flash Interactive Planetarium -- Very cool!

Name Resolution and Browsing in Samba

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