Gnome's Guide to WEBrick

Yohanes Santoso $<$ggw$<$at$>$$>$

Version 0.6.1, 2004.10.19


So, you installed Ruby 1.8. So, you wanted to do some web development. So, you heard about this thing called WEBrick that comes standard with Ruby. So, you googled for documentation. So, all you could find was Eric Hodel's articles. So, you thought, "Gosh, where is the documentation?". So, you were feeling brave and tried to "use the source, Luke". So, you realised that you were a newbie to Ruby and the source looked like Yoda doing Yoga while chanting "may the force be with you". So, you didn't think the force would be with you for at least another week. So, you were feeling impatient because you want to start trying now and perhaps you could have practised the force while trying. So, you finally screamed, "I've had it!".

So, I hope you will find this adequate to start and accompany you during your journey into WEBrick. There is also the reference section which you can refer to when you are lost or unsure, or both.

Note: this documentation references the WEBrick code shipped with Ruby 1.8.1.